50000&1 SEAPs´ training offer

What can our trainings provide you?

  • Means of creating, implementing, and maintaining SEAPs across Europe in 40 selected municipalities in 8 different countries
  • Replicable tools to successfully integrate SEAPs with Energy Management Systems (EnMS)
  • Increased credibility towards third parties via the utilization of EnMS
  • Access to a support network of institutions and Municipalities working together to bring forth the best practices in improving energy performance in Municipalities

This section is dedicated to the 50000&1 SEAPs' trainings organised at the international level.

Read more about the outcomes, and input received during the Open Training Session here:

Report on open centralised training sessions for EU Municipalities and supporting structures, including inputs received


Country trainings

Clicking here you can access a collection of news and materials related to trainings organised at national and local level in the project target Countries.

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