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23 September 2014

50000&1 SEAPs offers support for energy policy and planning

The 50000&1 SEAPsproject provides a coherent approach to integrating Energy Management Systems (EnMS) with Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) according to energy management standard such as ISO 50001 and the European Energy Award. It aims to help municipalities overcome the barriers blocking institutionalisation of their action plans and reinforce internal structures and procedures for high-quality, long-term, energy policy and planning.

50000&1 SEAPs offers a coherent and comprehensive training program, based on the experience of eight pilot Municipalities supported in the integration of an EnMS (according to ISO50001) by the consortium partners within the framework of Energy For Mayors project. A first-of-its-kind technical document provides guidelines on how to develop a Sustainable Energy Action Plan integrated with an Energy Management System based on ISO 50001:2011, while the brochure “Why integrate a Sustainable Energy Action Plan with an Energy Management System?” collects some of the experiences developed during the implementation of the pilot EnMS+SEAP.

Thanks to peer-to-peer exchanges and to trainings at local, national and European level, municipalities, Covenant of Mayors Supporters and Coordinators and relevant stakeholders will gain an insight into working procedures, understanding of challenges, and potential opportunities.

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