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27 March 2014

Energy Management for Sustainable Action Plans

ISO 50001 and other energy management standards can facilitate municipalities’ efforts to use energy more efficiently in all sectors. These standards lay out how to establish, implement, maintain and improve an Energy Management Systems (EnMS), allowing to achieve continual success in all areas of energy performance, including efficiency, security, and consumption.

The 50000&1 SEAPs project provides a coherent approach to integrating EnMS with Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) according to energy management standard such as ISO 50001and European Energy Award, as quality management certification system for municipalities committed to sustainable energy planning.

Though training and support, the 50000&1 SEAPs project provides municipalities with tools and knowledge to overcome the barriers blocking institutionalisation of their action plans and reinforce internal structures and procedures for high-quality, long-term, energy policy and planning, while reducing their energy bill.

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