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15 June 2016


Energy Union - What Local Leadership can tell us about Energy Transition

Local Leadership driving the Transition

Brussels, Belgium
Résidence Palace, Salle Polak
Local governments are at the forefront of sustainable energy deployment in Europe, and their long-term commitment to reducing GHG emissions, increasing RES and energy efficiency is demonstrated through active participation in initiatives such as Covenant of Mayors. As the government level closest to citizens, they also play a crucial role in building public support for the Energy Union project, and can support the EU moving from macro, large-scale infrastructure investments to one that favors a set of smaller, democratically-mandated projects with community involvement.

Local governments are facing the urgent socio-economical challenge to ensure secure, sustainable, affordable and competitive energy for their communities. The Energy Union and the development of a single energy market aims to address the current challenges associated with the integration of variable renewable energy, and security of supply.

The event “Energy Union: local leadership driving the transition" aims to discuss the role that local governments can play in the Energy Union, by addressing how the sub-national level can operate as primary actor in the governance of the Energy Union, as well as in the roll-out of a more decentralized and integrated energy system. The event will reflect how to best tap the potential of vertical integration and cross-level partnerships for a successful implementation of the energy transition.

This event, which will feature a panel discussion, is organised by and brings together all the major networks of local governments in Europe, including ICLEI Europe, Energy Cities, Climate Alliance, Eurocities and CEMR.

Experienced moderators will be present to ensure interaction, debate and relationship building throughout the panel. Each panelist will present and share their vision of a multi-level partnership for the roll-out of the Energy Union; to reflect upon energy market regulation, and to discuss how to best tap the potential of decentralized approaches (generation and distribution) for a sustainable energy transition.

Audience participation, both in terms of questions presented directly to the panelists as well as personal contributions will be encouraged by the moderators.

View the programme here.

16 June 2016


2nd Open Training Session: Energy Management for Sustainable Action Plans

Brussels, Belgium
This open training session, organized by the IEE co-funded project 50000&1 SEAPs, aims to support local and regional authorities interested in learning more on how Energy Management (EnMS) and Sustainable Energy Action Plans can be integrated. The workshop will focus on practical steps, sharing of best practices, tricks and tools by experienced municipalities and EnM-SUPPORTERS on the EnMS+SEAP approach.

The event will present the benefits of the 50000&1 SEAPs methodology, and will illustrate how to implement an EnMS+SEAP approach, through prioritizing your actions, choosing your funding, and how to monitor the results effectively.

Municipalities, regional authorities, Covenant of Mayors Supporters and Coordinators, and public and private stakeholders are invited to participate in this free workshop.

To register, click here or contact Follow 50000&1 SEAPS on Twitter.

17 June 2016


Workshop on Local Energy Data Collection for SEAP development

Brussels, Belgium
Stable room - Renewable Energy House - Rue d'Arlon 63-67
This training workshop, organized by the Covenant of Mayors Office and ICLEI Europe, will inform participants about energy data collection good practices in Europe and will provide practical advice and discussion on energy data gathering and processing for the purposes of establishing a Baseline / Monitoring Emission Inventory (BEI/MEI) as part of a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP).

The workshop will notably draw on solutions and lessons learned from a series of webinars on data collection conducted for 12 target countries in Europe. This workshop will share insight and good practices on data collection with a focus on buildings, local energy production and transport. Recommendation and solutions on how to optimize data gathering will be shared and discussed with speakers, experts and participants.

Covenant of Mayors signatories, Supporters and Coordinators; practitioners on local energy data collection, heads of municipal departments (energy, climate, environment, transport), local and regional energy agencies, local and regional elected leaders (mayors, deputy mayors, councilors), and representatives of other levels of government such as EU policy-makers are invited to participate in this free workshop.

View the programme here and register here.


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