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18 June 2015

Energy day for elders of the multi-family buildings

Daugavpils, Latvia
Kr.Valdemāra street 1
This Energy Day is organised by the City Council of Daugavpils, with the support of Ekodoma, and will take place in the City of Daugavpils.

The main aim of the event is to provide information in order to encourage elders of multifamily buildings to start moving towards a deep renovation of their buildings and energy efficiency.

The event will address the following questions:
- Why and how to reduce energy consumption in the multifamily buildings?
- What to do if nobody in my building wants renovation?
- Why building renovation is important and why should we investing in it?

Results and experiences from existing projects in Latvia will also be showcased.

The agenda of the event is available here below both in English and in Latvian.

18 June 2015


The heating and cooling future of cities

Brussels, Belgium
Committee of the Regions building, 5th floor
"The heating and cooling future of cities" will bring together local experts, politicians, industry representatives and researchers from the three EU-funded projects CELSIUS, STRATEGO and RESCUE to discuss the potential of efficient district heating and cooling (DHC) solutions and to address the problems of fuel poverty, CO2 emissions and security of supply. It will explore drivers and barriers for developing district heating and cooling systems in European cities.

The composition of the panel, with speakers coming from different parts of Europe with different levels of DHC deployment and from different sectors, will ensure a fruitful debate and shed light on district energy from a technical, economic and social point of view. It will also emphasise the key role of cities and local communities in delivering the European Union energy goals for 2030 and 2050 and in contributing to the priorities of the EU Energy Union.

You can find here all information about the conference, and submit your registration by 8 June 2015.

18 June 2015


National Training for Coordinators and Supporters of the Covenant of Mayors

Venezia, Italy
Sala Conferenze Palazzo Grandi Stazioni Cannaregio, 23
This is an open national training session on implementing Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs), addressed to local governments (LGs) and coordinators and supporters of the Covenant of Mayors (C&S). It is organised by the MAYORS in ACTION project partners.

SEAPs formulated by LGs are often very ambitious and sometimes the planned actions are difficult to realise. Concrete technical and financial tools are needed to implement sustainable actions successfully.

This event is one of the main parts of the MAYORS in ACTION's capacity building process, which is designed to help implement a set of bankable sustainable energy projects.

It will provide LGs and the C&S with a set of already existing tools and practices to be shared among peer partners. Project partners (such as the Province of Genova, the Veneto Region and SOGESCA) will share their experiences and display the material which has been developed within the project - this includes very experienced partners such as the Province of Barcelona and the City of Zagreb.

Guest keynote speakers will also highlight the point of view of both more and less experienced C&S and will provide instruments for implementing and monitoring SEAPs.

The agenda of the day can be downloaded here below.

19 June 2015

Il Patto dei Sindaci nel territorio

Genova, Italy
Sala delle Cuspidi di Palazzo Verde
Venerdì 19 giugno a Genova, dalle 9.30 alle 12, presso la sala delle Cuspidi di Palazzo Verde, si terrà un evento che mostrerà alcune attività legate al Patto dei Sindaci nel territorio, come pianificate nel PAES. Nel corso dell'evento, organizzato dal comune di Genova con la collaborazione della Città metropolitana, verranno presentate le attività del comune di Genova rivolte al risparmio energetico e alla riqualificazione energetica, con particolare focus sulla relazione tra impianti termici e risparmio energetico; verranno inoltre presentati un progetto nazionale per mitigare gli effetti inquinanti degli impianti termici e altre esperienze locali in Italia, con attenzione alle iniziative locali nel comune di Genova sul tema.

The event organised in collaboration with Municipality of Genoa will take place in Sala delle Cuspidi in Palazzo Verde (Genova) on and will show some activities linked to the CoM in the territory, as planned in the SEAP.

29 June 2015

Porte aperte alla sostenibilità: il Patto dei Sindaci per lo sviluppo del Territorio

Open doors to sustainability: Covenant of Mayors for territorial development

Genova, Italy
Sala del consiglio della Città metropolitana di Genova
Durante la mattinata si mostreranno diverse attività legate al Patto dei Sindaci nel territorio metropolitano e i risultati di progetti Europei per i quali la Città metropolitana ha dato il proprio supporto ai Comuni firmatari del Patto, raggiungendo insieme a loro obiettivi e traguardi nel percorso verso un futuro più sostenibile: Energy for Mayors, PAST e Mayors in Action sono progetti che hanno permesso alla Città metropolitana di portare avanti lo sviluppo dei Piani di Azione per l'Energia Sostenibile di 25 comuni, di sviluppare l'iniziativa Condomini Intelligenti su oltre 30 edifici e diagnosi energetiche su oltre 20 edifici pubblici, nonché porre le basi per scambi di esperienze e formazione dei Comuni a livello europeo.
Grazie alla partecipazione del comune di Genova, dell'associazione Genova Smart City e della Città metropolitana di Venezia, si potrà avere una visione d'insieme e comparata ad altre realtà virtuose.

Per informazioni e registrazione:

The energy days in the metropolitan territory of Genova include different activities in collaboration with Muvita Foundation and Municipality of Genova.
This final event will then take place in Sala Consiglio of Metropolitan City of Genova on the 30/06/2015 and will show the different activities linked to CoM in the territory. In particular:
1. Presentation of the activities of the Metropolitan city of Genova to support signatories of Covenant of Mayors in the territory: EU projects “Energy for Mayors” and “PAST”;
2. Ceremony to deliver the last 5 PAES developed thanks to the two projects above and energy audits of 21 public buildings developed thanks to PAST project;
3. Presentation of activities of Municipality of Genova and Genova Smart city Association;
4. Presentation of "Condomini intelligenti®” initiative, from local governance project to excellence model for residential buildings refurbishment, with intervention of network of enterprises “Consedil Rete d’Imprese” and building administrations association ANACI;
5. Presentation of Territorial Baseline Emission Inventory developed in 2005 and updated in 2010, with first official ceremony of presentation of 2012 update;
6. “Mayors in action” EU project with welcome ceremony to the municipalities involved in the activities.
Active actors of the event will be technical and political representatives of the Public Administrations organizing the events, Muvita Foundation, Genova Smart City association, municipalities involved in the ceremony, building administrators and technicians involved in Condomini Intelligenti® initiative.

To register, please contact:
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