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15 - 30 June 2015

Mostra sul Patto dei Sindaci e sulle buone pratiche dei PAES

Exhibition about Covenant of Mayors and SEAPs good practices

Genova, Italy
Loggia della sala del consiglio della Città Metropolitana, largo Lanfranco 1
Dal 15 al 30 giugno presso la loggia della sala del consiglio della Città metropolitana (largo Lanfranco 1, Genova) sarà allestita la mostra sul Patto dei Sindaci e sulle buone pratiche dei PAES, i piani d'azione per l'energia sostenibile adottati da quasi tutti i 30 sindaci genovesi firmatari del Patto. La mostra, che nel mese di maggio ha già fatto tappa a Torriglia, Sant'Olcese, Avegno, Isola del Cantone e Santa Margherita Ligure, è stata realizzata nell'ambito del progetto PAST ( per coinvolgere nel Patto nuovi firmatari e accrescere la consapevolezza dei cittadini, mostrando i benefici e le possibilità delle politiche di pianificazione energetica.

An exhibition about Covenant of Mayors and good practices in the SEAPs of the signatories in the territory will be installed in 6 municipalities of the territory thanks to PAST project, in order to involve new signatories in the CoM and raise awareness towards citizens, showing the benefits and possibilities of energy policy planning. The municipalities involved are Torriglia (4-8 May), Sant’Olcese (11-15 May), Avegno (18-22 May), Isola del Cantone (25-29 May), S. Margherita Ligure (3-7 June), Genova (dates t.b.d. among 13-24 June).

16 June 2015

Covenant of Mayors Workshop on Local Energy Data Collection for GHG Inventories

Brussels, Belgium
Mundo-b, Conference Room, Rue d'Edimbourg 26
This training workshop will inform participants about energy data collection practices in Europe and will provide practical advice and discussion on energy data gathering and processing to establish a Baseline/Monitoring Emission Inventory (BEI/MEI) as part of a Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP).

The workshop will draw on the outcomes and learnings from different EU-funded projects (e.g. MESHARTILITY and SEAP+).

More information about the event and the agenda of the day are available here.

16 June 2015

Cities and citizens in the Energy Union

Brussels, Belgium
Charlemagne, Mansholt
The event, which takes place as part of the High Level Policy Conference of the European Sustainable Energy Week, will discuss the role of local authorities and communities in shaping Europe’s energy future as participants in the market. The event will be completely interactive, and the discussion will be centered on how decentralized approaches can create regional-local value chains through supporting sustainable development and job creation.

The event will zoom-in on policy issues currently in the spotlight at EU level, addressing the topic of sustainable energy roll-out in Europe with a specific focus on concrete ideas and recommendations on what it means for Cities and Citizens to be at the core of the energy transition.

You can submit your registration here by 8 June 2015.

For more information visit EUSEW website.

17 June 2015


Community energy across Europe: opportunities and challenges

Brussels, Belgium
Science14 Atrium, 14b, Rue de la Science, 1040
We urgently need to change our energy system into one powered by renewable energy to end our dependency on fossil fuels and the harm they are doing to peoples, our climate and our environment. By putting communities and citizens at the heart of a shift to renewable energy we can achieve a transition more quickly, fairly and with added benefits.
All over Europe communities and citizens are already producing community owned renewable energy. However, many barriers still need to be tackled, such as the lack of political will for a transition towards renewables, and financial and legal obstacles to community owned projects.

The workshop will focus on the following topics:
- Successful community renewable energy projects
- Legislative challenges across Europe
- Financing in Central and Eastern European countries
- Renewable energy cooperatives (REScoops)
- Energy efficiency projects

Target groups: EU and national policy makers, RES industry.

You can register for the event clicking here and you can find more information about the project on the CO-POWER website.

18 June 2015


Open training session @EUSEW: Energy Management for Sustainable Action Plans

Brussels, Belgium
Xunta de Galicia - Rue de la Loi 38
Municipalities, Regional Authorities, Covenant of Mayors Supporters and Coordinators, public and private stakeholders are invited to participate in this free workshop.

This open training session aims at supporting Local and Regional Authorities interested in learning more on how Energy Management (EnMS) and Sustainable Energy Action Plans can be integrated. The workshop will focus on practical steps, sharing of best practices, tricks and tools by experienced municipalities and EnM-SUPPORTERS on the EnMS+SEAP approach.

The agenda of the day is available online.

To register contact:
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