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25 September 2014


Community-energy: empowering local authorities and their communities to guide local sustainable energy roll-out in Scotland

Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Local decision-makers, planners, local government associations / networks and energy agencies attended this free workshop addressing potential for roll-out of community energy in Scotland. The event included topics such as how local authorities can invest in community energy, how they can access funding, and how local authorities and community groups can work together in renewable energy. Best practice from across Scotland were also showcased during the workshop.

In particular the event addressed:
- How can a local government invest in community energy? Why?
- What are the barriers and how can they be overcome?
- How does one access funding for local climate and energy action? What models work?
- How can local authorities and community groups work together in renewable energy?

Links to all presentations are available within the programme, by clicking here

The event was organised in the framework of the CO-POWER project.

The Programme of the day is available on-line.

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