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5 September 2014



Timisoara, Romania
Administrative Palace of Timis County Council
Information seminar for the stakeholders. The aim of this seminar was to present the objectives of the project, the targeted group involvement and the main steps and activities that will be carried out within the project. Also the Covenant of Mayors initiatives were presented, the benefits of the new signatories and the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) and ISO 50001 energy management system integration process at the level of local public administration.

11 September 2014


Energia per la vita

Verso Expo 2015: paesaggio, alimentazione e cultura

S. Gusmè (Castelnuovo Berardenga, Siena), Italy
Teatro della Soc. Filarmonica di S. Gusmé
Quest’anno in onore all’EXPO di Milano previsto a maggio del 2015, il convegno “Energia per la Vita” sarà dedicato agli stessi temi dell’iniziativa fieristica.
Il convegno affronta come ogni anno il tema dello sviluppo economico e dell’ammodernamento dei territori pregiati, sfruttando la convergenza di politiche agricole, energetiche e industriali mirate alla valorizzazione dell’ambiente.
L’intreccio tra lo sviluppo delle energie rinnovabili, le politiche volte al risparmio energetico e alla riduzione delle emissioni climalteranti, ci impegnano a costruire in armonia con la natura e per questo necessitano di un continuo confronto.
In questa cornice si confronteranno esperienze locali e nazionali offrendo un utile e interessante spaccato, non solo per gli addetti ai lavori, ma soprattutto per chi ha a cuore le tradizioni, il territorio e il buon vivere.

Il programma é scaricabile qui sotto.

13 - 28 September 2014


Community Energy Fortnight 2014

United Kingdom
The Community Energy Fortnight is an opportunity to explore and celebrate how communities across the UK are generating, owning and saving energy. Doors will be opened to projects up and down the country – from seeing inside a wind turbine to building your own solar panel – giving you a chance to see local renewables projects up-close and meet the people who are directly benefitting from them.

Click here to read about all the initiatives which will take place during the Community Energy Forthnight!

If you would like to hold an event in Community Energy Fortnight, please get in touch here.

15 September 2014

Earth Hour City Challenge: will your city inspire the World?

Closing date for participation: 15 September

ICLEI invites cities and towns in Finland, France, Serbia, Spain and Sweden to participate in the internationally acclaimed Earth Hour City Challenge (EHCC) 2014-2015 edition.
Run by WWF in collaboration with ICLEI and the Swedish Postcode Lottery, the EHCC initiative was created to celebrate cities and towns that are taking innovative actions towards creating a greener, cleaner and more sustainable city to live in, while inspiring other cities to do the same.

Cities can register for EHCC directly online on the carbonn® Cities Climate Registry (cCCR) reporting platform or by filling in and sending the offline reporting sheet to
The closing date for EHCC candidates is 15 September. Cities wanting to have a quality check of their reporting data by ICLEI should deliver their reports by 23 August 2014.
Recording of previous webinars, presentations and guidelines for candidates (also in Spanish and French) are available here.

On the 1st and 8th of September four webinars will take place for cities interested in participating in the Earth Hour City Challenge.
For more information click here.

24 - 26 September 2014


Latest information on EcoProcura 2014

Sustainability, innovation and cost efficiency: taking procurement forward

Ghent, Belgium
ICC Ghent, Citadel Park
The ninth edition of the EcoProcura Conference series will be held in Ghent, Belgium on 24 - 26 September 2014. Procurers from all levels of government, policy-makers, suppliers and representatives from the European Commission and European Parliament will be present to discuss a variety of topics related to sustainable public procurement and procurement of innovation.

The EcoProcura 2014 conference will answer questions on:
• How to capitalise on the cost efficiency of sustainable procurement?
• What are the obstacles for mainstreaming sustainable and innovation procurement?
• How to put procurement at the heart of strategic decision-making?
• What do the new European Public Procurement Directives mean for sustainable and innovation procurement in practice?
• How can public procurement stimulate innovation?
• What legal and practical aspects should be considered when undertaking a dialogue between public procurers and business?
English will be the language used throughout the conference.

The detailed invitation and the EcoProcura Programme are available online.

To have more information about participation and to register, click here.
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