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18 June 2014

Seminar on Electricity´s Volunteer Prices for Small Consumers (PVPC)

Impacts on the energy contracts of the Local Authorities: proposals and tools to manage those changes.

Barcelona, Spain
Auditorium of the Vagó building in Escola Industrial. Comte Urgell, 187
Regulatory changes in the electricity market have been frequent during the last years. Recently (March 2014) a new Royal Decree (RD) has been approved which establishes the methodology to calculate the electricity prices and the legal system of contracting. This new methodology will change the electricity bill and will affect most of the supplies.
In order to manage energy properly it is very important to know how electricity prices are established.
Thus, it is essential keep up to date on the various regulatory changes in order to be able to plan the best strategies and actions in energy management. So, this seminar will deal with the RD 216/2014 impacts and which are the existing tools to manage them.
Barcelona Provincial Council (Diputació de Barcelona) has been a Covenant Coordinator from 20089. As a result, there are around 200 SEAP drafted which must be implemented. Diputació de Barcelona is a partner on the Mayors in Action project, supported by the Intelligent Energy Europe program (IEE), which wants to promote the implementation of SEAP’s actions through capacity building and peer to peer approaches. Energy management is a clue action in almost all SEAPs drafted and it is one of the selected tools during the first meeting of Mayors in Action.

19 June 2014


First 50000&1 SEAPs Local Training in Bulgaria

Banite, Bulgaria
Conference hall of the Municipality of Banite
The purpose of the First Local Training in Bulgaria was to share content of the First Centralized Training (2-3 April, 2014, Padua, Italy) and start dissemination of the new knowledge acquired with regard to developing, implementing and monitoring an integrated EnMS + SEAP according to ISO 50001.
Representatives of the municipalities of Bratsigovo, Zlatograd, Rudozem, Nedelino and Chepelare that are the five selected local governments committed to participate in the project and integrate EnMS + SEAP approach in their regions, were introduced to the project goals, further actions and expected results.
With regard to setting up the grounds for developing EnMS + SEAP in these municipalities participants were also presented the "Covenant of Mayors" initiative and were provided guidance on data collection and development of Sustainable Energy Action Plan. Furthermore, participants became familiar with the Energy Management System according to ISO 50001:2011.

The agenda of the day is available here.

23 June 2014


Stratego workshop: Introduction to Multi-level actions for enhanced Heating & Cooling plans

EU Sustainable Energy Week

Brussels, Belgium
Hotel Silken Berlaymont (Room Jean Rey) - 11-19, Boulevard Charlemagne
The STRATEGO project aims to bridge the gap between EU policy, national objectives and effective actions taken at regional and local events.
The project has the ambitious objective to trigger a higher penetration of renewable heating and cooling by 2020 aiming towards a full decarbonisation of the heating and cooling sector by 2050.

Within this Introductory Workshop, the project partners are planning to address heating and cooling experts, decision makers (decision level of heating and cooling associations, housing and real estate sector, industries) and multipliers.
The workshop will provide a networking opportunity for local authorities to discover and discuss their joint interests and possibilities for common action.

More information can be found here.

23 June 2014


EU funding opportunities for sustainable energy for local and regional authorities: the case of Meshartilit

EU Sustainable Energy Week

Brussels, Belgium
Committee of the Regions, Van Maerlant Building, Room VM1 - Van Maerlant Street 2
The event will show the new financing opportunities 2014 – 2020 for local and regional authorities in the energy sector. A specific example will be presented, the MESHARTILITY project, which gives support to local authorities in order to develop their Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAPs), compulsory for the signatories of the Covenant of Mayors.Additionally, presentations of new programs will follow: Horizon 2020, LIFE+ and EIB. The objective is to show the different EU sources available to help local and regional authorities to pursue the 20-20-20 objectives.

25 June 2014


Community energy: accelerating sustainable energy roll-out in Europe

Brussels, Belgium
Charlemagne, Mansholt
What are local governments across Europe doing to accelerate community-owned renewables towards 2030? How does the EU energy and policy framework for 2030 facilitate this process? What is the business sector’s position in this discussion? These questions and more will be answered at “Community energy: accelerating sustainable energy roll-out in Europe”, taking place on 25 June. Organised in the framework of the EUSEW 2014 High Level Policy Conference, it will focus on sustainable energy roll-out in Europe in the run-up to 2030, with a specific focus on the potential of community-led and owned RES for local and regional development.

From commitment to action, policy is instrumental in the implementation of successful and ambitious actions at the local level. At this event, cities will share best practices on community energy, from target setting to implementation, and will discuss future perspectives up to and beyond 2020, and specifically towards 2030. European, national, regional and local policy makers will participate alongside local government, networks and associations, rural communities, NGOs, RES developers, and more.

A panel of experts will provide advice and solutions to legal, financial and policy frameworks, as well as NGOs, grid and RES developers’ perspectives. Two “hot chairs” will allow the cities presenting, the experts intervening and the audience to address EU policy makers and the business community, to discuss how and to what extent the new 2030 Framework should and does support community energy.
The event is organised in collaboration with the CO-POWER project.

The programme and the presentations are available here.
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