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8 October 2014


Innovative financing for energy efficiency and renewables

feedback from successful projects

Brussels, Belgium
Husa President Park Hotel
Up-scaling investments in energy efficiency and renewables is a major challenge to meet the European Union’s energy targets for 2020. Lack of public resources requires new approaches to investment. Local and regional authorities have a key role to play in mobilising stakeholders, developing a project pipeline and creating the business case for attracting private investment.

This shift to innovative financing approaches is supported by the European Union’s Intelligent Energy Europe and Horizon 2020 programmes.

This conference will focus on the detailed presentation of 8 successful projects across Europe, which are developing new ways to set up and finance investments in public buildings, street lighting and housing.
Local and regional authorities will have the opportunity to learn how to concretely implement similar approaches in their own territories.

Interpretation will be provided in EN, IT and ES.

The Programme is available online.

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9 October 2014

The energy transition at local level: its economic impact and financing opportunities

Brussels, Belgium
Leopold Hotel Brussels EU - Rue du Luxembourg 35
The economic impact of the energy transition at local level needs to be highlighted so that more initiatives are implemented by local authorities and stakeholders. For these new initiatives, different opportunities are available to secure the financial resources necessary for the energy transition of towns and cities.

Associations or networks of local authorities (general and specialised in energy and climate issues), Covenant of Mayors Territorial Coordinators and Supporters, local and regional authorities and any other interested actors are welcome: new knowledge and contacts will help you enhance your network’s activities related to up-to-date information dissemination, preparation of capacity building events, facilitation of exchange of experiences and good practices, communication, lobbying.

View the draft programme here.

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9 October 2014


Meeting at Haacht Municipality

Introduction of the Covenant of Mayors and Mayors in Action

Haacht, Belgium
City hall of Haacht
The municipalities of the region of Leuven can appeal to the services of Interleuven for writing their sustainable energy action plan (SEAP). Up to now Interleuven will support 9 municipalities concerning the development and the performance of the SEAP.

This meeting is held in each municipality separately with the following agenda:
- Short introduction of the Covenant of Mayors
- How to organise their internal steering committee for developing the SEAP: aim, composition, function, tasks,…
- Mayors in Action project
- Planning of Interleuven

Only the local authorities (mayor, aldermen, government officials) were invited to this meeting. The participation of citizens and other organisations will be considered in the next meetings.

13 October 2014



Theme: One Planet Living

Brussels, Belgium
Representation of the Free State of Bavaria to the EU, Rue Wiertzstraat 77
TEDxWWF brings together innovative speakers who are changing the way we think, live and work to meet the challenges of living on our one planet.

This decade presents many challenges to humanity. Not the least of which is how the Earth will sustain a human population of nine billion people or more in 2050, and at the same time support millions of other species with which we share the planet.

A sustainable future is not just a distant aspiration though. TEDxWWF provides an engaging platform for inspiring speakers to share their ideas on how we can live in order to keep our planet healthy, touching on topics such as sustainable energy, climate change and reconnecting with nature.

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14 October 2014


Studienamiddag: ‘Van een goed klimaatactieplan tot een efficiënt klimaatbeleid’

Leuven, Belgium
Mayors in Action, een Europees Intelligent Energy Europe-project, ondersteunt Coördinatoren en Ondersteuners van het Burgemeestersconvenant in de effectieve begeleiding van hun gemeenten bij de implementatie en monitoring van hun klimaatactieplan.

Interleuven, erkend als Territoriaal Coördinator van het Burgemeestersconvenant, participeert in dit project en organiseert een studienamiddag op dinsdag 14 oktober 2014: ‘Van een goed klimaatactieplan tot een efficiënt klimaatbeleid’.

De verschillende Europese partners in Mayors in Action trachten zoveel mogelijk bestaande tools en ervaringen te verzamelen om op deze manier de gemeenten die het Burgemeestersconvenant ondertekend hebben te begeleiden. Tijdens deze studienamiddag zal u de kans krijgen om klimaatacties van anderen te leren kennen of eigen klimaatinitiatieven voor te stellen. Verschillende projecten en/of projectideeën van steden en gemeenten kunnen mogelijk passen in een of meerdere (Europese) subsidieprogramma’s.
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