3rd Centralised Training Session

18-20 November 2015, Lyon (France)

The agenda of the day is available here

Materials presented during the day

Emanuele Cosenza, SOGESCA: Energy Review, Energy Baseline and EnPI

Sabino PETRILLO, Municipality of Montecchio Maggiore (IT): Experience in SEAP + EnMS development, implementation and monitoring approach

Evelyne BERNARD, DREAL (MEDDE): How French institutions promote and frame the energy action of local authorities

Fabien MOUDILENO, AMORCE: Climate and Energy dissemination activities by AMORCE, one of the largest City networks in France

Michël TOMA, MT Partenaires Ingénierie and Didier BOUTEILLER, City of Lorient: The French Connection part 1 - EEA + SEAP + ISO 50001 / Implementing a SEAP + EnMS in a city already awardee of EEA

Marika Rošā,EKODOMA: SEAP + EnMS implementation and monitoring in the Latvian municipalities

Emanuele Cosenza, SOGESCA: SEAP + EnMS Implementation and Monitoring - The Covenant of Mayors towards 2030

Marco DEVETTA - SOGESCA, Daniela LUISE and Michele ZUIN - Municipality of Padova (IT): Implementing energy measures in the private housing sector . PadovaFIT! 

Michël TOMA - MT Partenaires, Camille HULIN - City of Tours/Community of Tour(s)Plus, Cédric DEBEVRES-CAM: The French Connection part 2: SEAP + ISO 50001 for joint City and Conurbation Services (Tours +) and for a conurbation (CAM)



Report on local training seminars

The training process for the EnM-Municipalities participating has been a key core of the development of the project, leading to the training of representatives from 76 individual municipalities (+ 1 Federation of 11 Municipalities in Italy + 15 intercommunity authorities in France). In total, 64 Local training seminars were held in all 8 Project countries: 24 in Italy, 8 in Greece, 3 in Latvia, 3 in Bulgaria, 12 in Romania, 2 in Poland, 2 in Spain, 9 in France).

Read more about local training seminars here.  Available in: EN| BG| EL| ES| FR| IT| LV| PL| RO

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