16 June 2016 - Brussels (Belgium)

This open training session aims at supporting local and regional authorities interested in learning more about how energy management (EnMS) and sustainable energy action plans (SEAP) can be integrated.

The workshop will focus on practical steps, sharing best practices, tips and tools from experienced municipalities and EnM-SUPPORTERS on the EnMS and SEAP approach. The event will present  the benefits of the 50000&1 SEAPs methodology, and will illustrate how to implement an EnMS+SEAP approach, through prioritizing your actions, choosing your funding, and how to monitor the results effectively .

Municipalities, regional authorities, Covenant of Mayors Supporters and Coordinators, and public and private stakeholders are invited to participate in this free workshop.

The  programme of the day is available here


Materials presented during the day

Anette Jahn, Head of Sector, EASME, European Commission : watch and download here.  

Marco Devetta and Emanuele Cosenza, SOGESCA watch and download here.   

Evi Tzanakaki, Kostas Sioulas, CRES watch and download here.  

Patrycja Plonka, PNEC : watch and download here.   

Carlos Ezquerra, ALBEA  : watch and download here.   

Marika Rošā, EKODOMA : watch and download here.   

Lucian Ostrovati, Sannicolau Mare (Romania) : watch and download here.   

Pierre Crépeaux, Lorient (France)  : watch and download here.   

Lazar Karamitev (Bulgaria) : watch and download here.   




Report on Open Centralised Training on EnMS+SEAP methodology for EU Municipalities and supporting structures

The 50000&1 SEAPs project has organized two Open Training Sessions addressing key actors - Local Authorities and their supporting structures with the objective of sharing knowledge and providing hands-on support to the set up and implementation of the
EnMS+SEAP approach.
The discussions highlighted how data collection remains a key barrier to be overcome in order to plan appropriately and consistently with a clear baseline. Not only data remain hard to access at an appropriate quality level, but often the cooperation with distribution operators remains simply on a voluntary basis instead of being regulated by law. This results in very diverse panorama through European States.

Read more here.

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