50000 & 1 SEAPs rassemblera guides, matériel de formation et des outils de soutien à l'intégration des plans d'action pour l'énergie durable et les systèmes de management de l'énergie.

Les ressources seront ciblées pour les autorités locales et leurs partenaires qui démarrent leurs SEAP (PCET) ou qui intéressés par la révision de leur SEAP en utilisant l'approche 50000 & 1 SEAP.

Les ressources comprendront :


Country resources

Clicking here you can access a selection of resources specifically related to each one of the project target Countries.



Final Report of the most important results achieved through the 50000&1 SEAP s project

The EnMS+SEAP approach aims to increase the institutionalisation of SEAP s within governmental operations and
enhance energy knowledge and expertise, by providing specific training and tools. Since the project 50000&1 SEAPs
focuses on the implementation of EnMSs in local administrations, the introduction of ISO 50001 requirements
represents the most important step to increasing effectiveness and consistency among both the implementation
and monitoring of SEAP-related activities. Compared with a general SEAP, ISO 50001 does not require specific
quantitative indicators, but rather relies on more qualitative Energy Performace Indicators (EnPI ), as seen in the
tables below. Available in: EN| BG| EL| ES| FR| IT| LV| PL| RO




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