Input, tips and tools from training sessions

  • Regarding to SEAP several materials already existed on the development and on energy management, there has been a collection and combination of such tools for supporting the integrated approach appropriate to the training programme that was developed. Read more here.
  • Report of centralised training seminars - Centralised training has been a key element of the 50000 and 1 SEAPs project, in order to assist Coordinators and Supporters and municipalities through the whole SEAP+EnM process, from decision making to SEAP implementation and monitoring. The trainings sessions focused on the one hand on the process of SEAP and Energy Management in the participating municipalities, and on the other in transferring experience both among as well as beyond the participating supporting structures and municipalities.
  • Report on local training seminars - The EnM-SUPPORTERS project partners (both tutoring as well as trainee ones) organized after the training received at least two 1-day local training courses for their colleagues and for EnM-Municipalities in their country in order to share the content of the 3 centralised trainings and start disseminating the new knowledge acquired. Local training was aimed at training officers, policy makers and relevant key actors of at least 5 Municipalities in their area (8 areas in 8 countries are involved = at least 40 Municipalities). The local seminars took into account special needs of the municipalities in each partner's area.
  • Report on Open Centralised Training on EnMS+SEAP methodology for EU Municipalities and supporting structures - A strong political commitment is a precondition for the successes of the EnMS+SEAP approach as it requires medium-term vision as well as adequate resources (both financial and in terms of capacity) for its implementation. Cooperation with all relevant stakeholders (public, private, non-profit, etc) is key to a successful implementation of the measures identified, and fostering bottom-up initiatives can prove to be a strong asset for the successful implementation of the measures. For this reason effective communication is important not only in securing support, but also to build an alliance for the success of these measures with the society and the relevant stakeholders.

Monitoring and implementation

Report on the selection and implementation of the SEAP actions: This report summarises general information about 143 implemented (and in some cases still ongoing) climate actions in the local municipalities participating in the 50000&1SEAPs project. Project partners from eight EU countries reported most relevant implemented actions for each local authority involved in the project, which led to measurable energy and environmental success indicators.

Report on the implementation of the EnMS according to ISO 50001: This report summarises the results of checking and monitoring the implementation of the energy management system (EnMS) in the eight partner countries. According to the requirements of ISO 50001, in the check phase municipality shall:

  • plan and carry out proper monitoring and measurement;
  • periodically evaluate compliance;
  • manage non conformities, corrective measures and preventive measures;
  • control records;
  • plan and carry out internal audit of the EnMS;
  • review the EnM

Synergies and advantages of the EnMS+SEAP approach: This report summarises the overall results of the project in relation to the integrated EnMS+SEAP approach used. The first chapter recaps the basic principles and elements of the integrated approach. Meanwhile second chapter provides an insight and comparison between solo SEAP approach and integrated EnMS+SEAP approach. Chapters 3 and 4 focus more on the main advantages and barriers of the approach. Report is finalised with the conclusions.


Policy paper and recommendations for EU policy makers: 50000&1 SEAPs project provided a coherent approach to integrating Energy Management Systems (EnMS) with SEAPs according to energy management standard such as ISO 50001and European Energy Award, as quality management certification system for municipalities committed to sustainable energy planning. It aimed to help municipalities overcome the barriers blocking institutionalisation of their action plans and reinforce internal structures and procedures for high-quality, long-term, energy policy and planning. Based on the results of the project, 50000&1SEAPs consortium has identified six main recommendations to ensure that sustainable approaches to local energy policy and planning are spread and strengthened further across Europe. 

Онлайн обучение

Главната цел на проект Covenant capaCITY е да подпомогне разработването на Плановете за действие за устойчива енергия в Европа – от мотивацията, планирането и изпълнението до мониторинга и оценката. Това се постига чрез три основни вида дейности:

1. Програма за лесно усвояване на знанията се предлага на:

  • Органите на местното самоуправление (ръководителите и общинската администрация).

2. Програма за “обучение на обучаващи” за разширяване на предлаганата помощ, в която са поканени за участие:

  • Сдружения и мрежи на местните власти.
  • Енергийни агенции, които работят с общините.

3. Активна подкрепа на избрани малки и големи градове в 15 страни – последователно (стъпка по стъпка) разгръщане на техните общински действия по проблемите на климата и енергията.

Научете повече и се запознайте с онлайн платформата за обучение.


The 50000&1 SEAPs coaching programme addresses key actors - Local Authorities and their supporting structures. The main goal of the programme is to share knowledge and provide hands-on support to the set up and implementation of the EnMS+SEAP approach.

Participants to the coaching programme will benefit from tailor made peer-to-peer activities and trainings (both online and in person), for a total of 2-days. The training will be delivered by the partners and the Municipalities they support within the project.

The participation to the programme is subjected to a process of selection.
Priority access to the coaching programme will be give to key actors located in European countries outside the 50000&1 SEAPs target Countries.

More information on the selection criteria applied can be found clicking here.

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